Social Skills & Communication

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  1. Active World Mat - Enchanted World
    Active World Mat - Enchanted World
    Diameter: 86cm
    $49.90 $57.39
  2. Active World Mat - Below The Sea
    Active World Mat - Below The Sea
    Diameter: 86cm
    $49.90 $57.39
  3. Understanding Feelings Pack
    Understanding Feelings Pack
    Pack of 23 faces
    $54.90 $63.14
  4. Wooden Minibeast Blocks
    Wooden Minibeast Blocks
    Pack of 33
    $105.90 $121.79
  5. Active World Mat - Dinosaur
    Active World Mat - Dinosaur
    Diameter: 86cm
    $49.90 $57.39
  6. Woodland Village
    Woodland Village
    62+ pieces
    $224.90 $258.64
  7. Wooden Forest Animal Blocks
    Wooden Forest Animal Blocks
    Pack of 30
    $114.90 $132.14
  8. Sequence Rummy Flash Cards
    Sequence Rummy Flash Cards
    Ages 3 & up
    $6.90 $7.94
  9. Opposites Fun-to-Know Puzzles
    Opposites Fun-to-Know Puzzles
    Ages 3 & up
    $19.90 $22.89
  10. Fairy Fantasy Scene Kit
    Fairy Fantasy Scene Kit
    Ages 3+
    $64.90 $74.64
  11. Active World Mirror - Silver
    Active World Mirror - Silver
    Size 86cm diameter
    $149.90 $172.39
  12. Marvellous Minibeasts Scene Kit
    Marvellous Minibeasts Scene Kit
    Pack of 36 figures
    $79.90 $91.89
  13. Interactive Recordable Pocket Chart
    Interactive Recordable Pocket Chart
    30 pockets
    $69.90 $80.39
  14. Little People - Sensory Play Set
    Little People - Sensory Play Set
    9 figures
    $44.90 $51.64
  15. Emotion Stones
    Emotion Stones
    Set of 12
    $44.90 $51.64
  16. 50 Emotion Activity Cards
    50 Emotion Activity Cards
    50 double-sided activity cards
    $29.90 $34.39

16 Items

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Shop online for a great range of language and social skills resources for early childhood learning. Learning to recognise the letters and their associated sounds are one of the first steps young children taken on the pathway to literacy. Access to good quality resources that are both visual and tactile will foster those skills. Bright, colourful products that are durable, accurate and exciting to use can be found in our warehouse. We know children learn by imitation. They copy the language spoke to them by their parents, family, educator and peers. To help assist language development children need to hear words and sentences frequently. Learning cards are a wonderful educational tool that stimulates imaginative thinking and discussion. Kids of all ages are able to respond creatively to questions and answers with the guidance of teachers and photo clues. Teaching emotions and sequencing and other early childhood concepts have never been easier. Especially suitable for ESOL children. At Creative Classrooms you'll find the best supplies and resources for teaching language development in your ECE Centres, Playcentres and Preschools.

Well developed social and communicative skills are critical for building relationships, engaging with other people, developing self esteem and ultimately creating a well rounded, likeable human being. From infancy babies learn to bond with family members then as they grow, other members of society. Children then are able to learn and develop appropriate social and communicative skills that will carry them through life.