Musical Instruments & Noise Makers

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  1. Rakau Rhythm Sticks
    Rakau Rhythm Sticks
    2 sticks per pack
    $11.90 $13.69
  2. NZ Pois
    NZ Pois
    2 pois per pack
    $7.90 $9.09
  3. Rainbow Learning Xylophone
    Rainbow Learning Xylophone
    Measures 33cm
    $42.90 $49.34
  4. Clap-a-Long Clapper
    Clap-a-Long Clapper
    Single Clapper
    $3.90 $4.49
  5. Clap-a-Long Clappers
    Clap-a-Long Clappers
    Set of 12
    $42.90 $49.34
  6. Wooden Maracas
    Wooden Maracas
    2 pack
    $13.90 $15.99
  7. Cheer-along Noisemaker
    Cheer-along Noisemaker
    Single Noisemaker
    $7.90 $9.09

7 Items

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Music is an important activity that allows children to explore their creative side. Not only that, but children can also learn to express their feelings through voice and movement, develop rhythm and harmony, recognise and enjoy sounds, and most of all HAVE FUN!

The introduction of music, musical instruments in preschools and Kindergaten also develops knowledge and appreciation about their own cultural music as well as participating in music of other cultures. It is believed that musical expoloartion is an integral part of well rounded early childhood development