The Grammar Handbook 1

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The Grammar Handbook 1 is for use the year after The Phonics Handbook and includes: Practical advice and ideas for teaching grammar, Introduces rudiments of grammar, 36 structured grammar lessons, 36 spelling and punctuation lessons, Revision and extension of The Phonics Handbook, Photocopiable activities, Fun actions for the grammar points. Features the following topics: vowel digraphs, alternative spellings of vowel sounds, plural endings, short vowels and consonant doubling, tricky words, consonant blends, nouns – proper/common/plurals, personal pronouns, verbs, conjugating verbs – present/past/future, adjectives, adverbs, a/an/the – when to use, sentences – capital letters, full stops and speech marks, parsing – identifying the parts of speech in sentences, alphabetical order
  • 218 pages
  • Size A4
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