Mathological Liar - Level 5

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Ages 10 & up
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In each round, players are given a case to solve. There are four suspects in each can and one or more of the suspects is guilty. Each player reads his or her suspect's alibi. If the maths in the suspect's alibi is correct, he or she is innocent. If the maths is incorrect, the suspect is lying and is guilty of the crime! Skills covered: Addition/Subtraction; Multiplication/Division; Fractions/Decimals/Percentages; Place Value: Base 10; Inverse Relationships; Estimating; 2- and 3-Dimensional Shapes; Geometric Shapes; Lines, Line Segments, Rays; Line/Rotational Symmetry; Law of Distributivity; Unit Conversions; Measurement; Area and Perimeter; Equivalent Representations; Time; Negative Numbers; Probability; Variables; Factoring.
  • 200 cards in total
  • 2-4 players
  • Each game includes 50 maths mysteries
  • Ages 10 & up
  • Sturdy storage box
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