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  1. Calendar Felt Learning Board New
    Calendar Felt Learning Board
    Ages 3+
    $10.90 $12.54
  2. Calendar Magnetic Learning Board New
    Calendar Magnetic Learning Board
    Ages 3+
    $9.90 $11.39
  3. The World Map New
    The World Map
    Size 69.5 x 49.5cm
    $6.90 $7.94
  4. World Map with Flags New
    World Map with Flags
    Size 69.5 x 49.5cm
    $6.90 $7.94
  5. Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab New
    Head-to-Toe Human Body Science Lab
    Ages 5+
    $54.90 $63.14
  6. Germ Tracker New
    Germ Tracker
    Ages 6+
    $26.90 $30.94
  7. Moving Creations with K'NEX New
    Moving Creations with K'NEX
    Ages 8+
    $69.90 $80.39

7 Items

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Discovering and understanding the world and beyond has long intrigued the human race and as a result mankind has progressed. While this remains and ongoing challenge for the scientist, we need to encourage young learners to continue to investigate and learn. Today's teachers have to think beyond the boundaries. We need to encourage children to challenge scientific ideas and contribute their thoughts by communicating and participating in the study of scientific studies.

At Creative Classrooms we have teaching tools and supplies to help children explore everyday phenomena, observing living things with magnifiers and microscopes. We can help them setup science experiments to study earth sciences with resources for composting and erupting volcanoes. We also have lots of charts and science models on the solar system, space, human body and the planet earth.

Check out the practical teaching materials like safety glasses, tweezers and bug catchers. Promote the thinkers and scientist in your class by providing them with ample opportunities to explore, experiment, observe and understand the wold and beyond.